About Penguin Frenzy

Penguin Frenzy is a game site made by the creatives and techies at Interesting Digital. The games have been made for fun, to try out different ideas and play around with all manner of things we find interesting.

It is free to play, and free of adverts. Well, it's advert free except for this...

We make cool stuff for fun, but also for money. You can see some examples of our work, and read about other projects at www.interestingdigital.com. We design and build web sites, games, apps; LOADS of interesting things. The games here are also available as white label game engines, so we can rebrand them and make a version for your business or product. If you want to commission something from us pop over there for a look around, and get in touch.

And that was it. For everyone else, it's just FREE FUN! We hope you enjoy it.